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FoR aquafeed
consultancy Dr. D. A. H. Sutter


FoR aquafeed offers consultancy services for fish and shrimp nutrition and provides support to all industries and institutions in the aquafeed sector.

Commercial research and development

FoR aquafeed provides R&D support for commercial customers by:

  • developing and assisting in research projects aiming to provide an extensive product documentation.
  • providing guidance when defining potential areas of application and species of interest.
  • planning and carrying out biological trials with selected partners.
  • answering your questions and helping in interpreting and presenting the results to customers.
Formulation services and economic raw material evaluation

FoR aquafeed is able to answer your questions around formulations and the economic values of specific raw materials by:  

  • formulating fish and shrimp feed according to the nutritional requirements of different species while using a least-cost approach.
  • considering local availabilities and restricitions of raw materials.
  • estimating the economic value of novel raw materials relative to current feed ingredients and prices.
Other services

FoR aquafeed will assist you with regard to further questions around feed, feed ingredients and feed additives such as:

  • accompanying clients on their way from product development to product launch.
  • preparation of marketing campaigns and brochures.
  • support and supervision of master and PhD students seeking to graduate in the field of fish and shrimp nutrition.
  • scientific advisory and preparation of scientific talks and publications.
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